How To Conduct A SWOT SEO Analysis

how to get a free seo analysis

Webmasters and SEO specialists typically employ a SWOT SEO analysis in order to determine a website’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. With the data gathered, experts can formulate excellent on-site and off-site optimisation strategies and gain the upper hand. Because a SWOT is so beneficial for SEO, many reputable companies offer a free SEO analysis alongside their normal services.

A SWOT SEO analysis identifies areas of improvement from technical, linking, content, keyword, and competitive perspectives. With a comprehensive SWOT analysis, businesses and webmasters can have a roadmap that lets them know which tasks to systematically tackle.


One of the best ways to determine a website’s strength is to focus on its strength and authority for a group of keywords. This can be done by looking for pieces of content that rank within the top 20 results that contain primary keyword groups. There are three different ways to do this:

  1. SEOs and webmasters can search for opportunities to use links that redirect to their strongest and most relevant pieces of content. Doing so will result in giving readers comprehensive answers, as well as increasing the site’s authority.
  2. One can perform full-page keyword, technical, and link SEO analysis on all pages that rank between positions 5 and 20 to know if these can be further improved.
  3. SEOs and webmasters should determine if the right landing pages are indeed ranking for primary keywords. They should make sure that the best and most informative webpages are indeed ranking so that potential clients can easily find what they are looking for.


Weaknesses may differ from website to website, but it can save a lot of effort, time, and money if one can recognise and admit them early on. When it comes to keywords and content, it is crucial to let go of those that are time-consuming. Website owners can instead focus more on long-tail keywords or other alternatives.

As for backlinks, it is important to attain high-quality inbound links to enhance a site’s authority. And when it comes to keyword research, website owners can use excellent third-party backlink tools that are useful for determining authoritative backlink sources that competitors use.


Nowadays, there are many tools that can help you find bigger opportunities in the world of SEO.  For instance, there are keyword search tools out there that can help businesses discover keyword and content opportunities based on their website domain, and even the domains of their competitors.

Webmasters should also look for top-quality backlinks, particularly those that are from non-competitor websites. It could be directories, blog posts, articles, association listings, and other types of content that you can comment on.


If there are opportunities, threats in the SEO industry can also arise. In the content department, the primary threat is duplicate content, which refers to articles and blog posts that are republished on a website without proper attribution to the original source. To avoid getting penalised, businesses and webmasters are advised to use canonical tags to reference source content in the webpage headers of the duplicate content.

Moreover, SEOs and webmasters should always provide their readers with fresh and relevant content. This is because the search engine regularly monitors the results pages for newly published content. Over time, a business’s competitors may end up putting out new content to challenge their online authority and position.

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Author: Jason Ferry
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