SEO Analysis

SEO traffic analysis enables web admins and marketers to see which keywords drive traffic to their competitors’ websites and how that traffic is performing. When performing SEO analysis, there are several methods you can use to gauge your competition and better understand which strategies are working for them. This blog will show you how to […]
Every once in a while, a new technology or platform comes along that has the potential to change how website SEO analysis is done. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is one of those game-changers, primarily affecting SEO analysis in light of marketing efforts. On 16 March, Google announced that it would be deprecating its Universal Analytics […]
Google’s John Mueller recently answered a question in an Office-hours hangout about whether or not reviving content on a parked domain would have any ranking benefit. It’s a valid question because, before trying out new domains, it’s highly recommended for site owners to do their due diligence and conduct an SEO domain analysis. Mueller’s answers […]
Online businesses and site owners always conduct regular SEO domain analysis, and one of the questions they ask is whether older, established domains have more advantages than a brand-new domain name. For the past two decades, experts in SEO analysis have been debating the topic of domain age. The SEO community also knows that Google […]
Many online businesses and site owners rely on Google Search Console (GSC) for their SEO analysis reports. However, some in the community have debated about how impressions are classified in their SEO analysis in GSC. In a Google Office Hours hangout, Google’s John Mueller was asked how impressions reports in GSC are reported now that […]
A website SEO analysis allows an online business to find areas of improvement in both their site and SEO strategy. Checking visibility on Google, identifying pages to optimise, and even choosing the domain name are some of the tasks involved in SEO analysis. Recently, an SEO asked Google’s John Mueller in a Google SEO office-hours […]
Publishers and site owners will often conduct a website SEO analysis to ensure that any changes they make won't negatively affect their rankings and search visibility. In an After-Hours Webmaster Hangout, Google's John Mueller discussed several factors that could affect one's rankings, which emphasises the need for a thorough SEO analysis when making website changes. […]
Businesses and webmasters use Google Search Console for their SEO analytics, which is an important process that determines whether a site is well optimised or not. Just recently, Google’s John Mueller discussed the accuracy of Search Console’s SEO analytics reporting, specifically the average position metric in its search performance report. The accuracy of the average […]
Webmasters and SEO specialists typically employ a SWOT SEO analysis in order to determine a website’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. With the data gathered, experts can formulate excellent on-site and off-site optimisation strategies and gain the upper hand. Because a SWOT is so beneficial for SEO, many reputable companies offer a free SEO analysis […]
SEO professionals use Universal Analytics for their SEO analytics reporting, but referral spammers have been making their way into the said tool. As online businesses handle their SEO analytics with this tool, they may encounter referral spam in the form of fake traffic referrals, search terms, or direct visits. These referral spam bots can hijack […]