John Mueller Talks About Triggering Sitewide Quality Re-Evaluation

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Google’s John Mueller recently explained to website SEO consultants how to get the search engine to conduct a sitewide quality re-evaluation. He also discussed how sitewide re-evaluation works and how it affects one’s website SEO.

A person asked Mueller how to let Google know that there were significant changes to their site that required a quality re-evaluation. They also shared scenarios of when a sitewide re-evaluation was needed, such as changing domains. The person did not want to passively wait for the search engine to crawl their website and encounter considerable changes during the crawling and indexing process.

Mueller replied that there isn’t any technical approach one can take to trigger a re-evaluation. Most of the time, it is not necessary because Google’s systems re-evaluate websites and update them in the index all the time. He also said they look at the content, and if they see significant changes, the search engine will consider re-evaluating it. Therefore, there is no need for an SEO expert to trigger re-evaluation manually.

However, there are several exceptions to this. Mueller said that one should tell Google to perform a sitewide re-evaluation if they’ve done serious restructuring to their website. For instance, an SEO might change many internal links and URLs or move from one CMS to another. This also applies to changing the site appearance.

From a technical or quality point of view, Google’s systems will think that they should clear out their old perception of the site and its pages because everything looks different now. Nevertheless, a sitewide re-evaluation cannot be triggered by anything specific. Mueller said they would have to make many incremental changes to re-evaluate the site to keep up.

The Idea Of Introducing A Re-Evaluation Tool

Many publishers make significant changes to their websites, such as changing domains, site structure, CMS, or content. Therefore, it only makes sense to have a simple way to trigger a major re-evaluation if site owners and publishers change their entire website abruptly. An interesting idea involves having a re-evaluation tool in Google Search Console – something that would also benefit the search engine company.

It does not necessarily have to be a directive type of tool; rather, Google could simply include a way to manually trigger a sitewide re-evaluation.

Improving Sitewide Quality

Site owners and publishers can improve their sitewide quality by focusing on two crucial factors: quality and relevance. Many businesses talk about the two as if they were the same, but they are different.

Quality covers these areas:

  • General content quality
  • User experience
  • Engagement signals
  • Page rank
  • Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (EAT)

Meanwhile, here are some examples of relevancy:

  • Keyword and topics
  • Query intent
  • Anchor text
  • Search vertical
  • Freshness
  • Diversity
  • Local intent or location
  • Search history and other personalisation

Website SEO consultants and online businesses should focus both on quality and relevance to get ahead of the competition.

Most of the time, pages have the right topic and keywords relevant to the search query, but the quality is compromised. It does not matter if the page is relevant; the best way to rank nowadays is to have both quality and relevance.

Here are several ways to optimise for quality:

Improve Content

One can improve sitewide quality by publishing high-quality content. This means articles and blogs with correct grammar, spelling, and depth. Site owners and publishers can either hire a copy editor or learn to write better.

EAT is another factor that Google takes into consideration when crawling and indexing pages. One should ensure that their content is useful and in-depth. They can use their certifications, awards, news coverage, and trust symbols to gain their readers’ trust. There should also be published policies on the website, such as terms of service, privacy, and returns.

Build Quality Links

Google developed PageRank (PR), a system that ranks web pages and gives each page a score of authority and importance by evaluating the quantity and quality of its links. The more external resources a page has, the more valuable information it has for its readers. To achieve a good score, one can build high-quality links for their content.

Query Refinements

SEOs should narrow down their targeted audience instead of trying to win every single user. They can deliver the kind of content they promised their readers because this is what the audience expects. Moreover, they must think about the query intent and choose the keywords by relevance, not just by volume.

Mobile Experience

Almost all users use their mobile devices to find information on Google. Therefore, website owners should consider getting a responsive and adaptive website design for smaller screens. They should also consider other factors, such as load speed, less text, easy navigation, and shorter forms, to provide their users with the best mobile experience.

Proper Ad Placements

Advertisements are great, but they should never worsen the user experience. The ads should never be placed above the main content of the page. Also, the page should not have too many pop-ups or ad blocks.

Dwell Time On-Site

To increase dwell time, owners should improve the overall design of their site by adding photos and videos. They can also run GA reports on the traffic sources and create effective strategies to increase their number of site visitors.

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