Mueller Discusses Subdomain to Main Domain Site Migrations

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A person recently asked Google’s John Mueller about website migrations in SEO, particularly when migrating from a subdomain to the main domain. Mueller explained why this type of website SEO migration is challenging and went through things to look for to have a successful site migration.

Migrating to the Main Domain from a Subdomain

The person who asked the question shared that their website’s subdomain has been in existence for decades. They said that it is an essential aspect of their website.

Because that portion of the site is so significant, they were afraid of receiving any negative effects from changing the subdomain’s content to a new location in the main domain. They also stated that the subdomain’s subject was about politics and everyday concerns, such as public health policy.

Mueller’s response focused on the general factors to consider when moving to the main domain from a subdomain. Then, he gave additional advice about publishing in Google News.

Subdomain Migrations are Tricky

Mueller paused to consider his response, giving the impression that the question requires a complex answer; he was taking time to organise his thoughts to respond properly. The reason may have been because a subdomain migration to a main domain is more uncertain than a one-to-one site move from one domain to another. This is because one of the most critical elements here is that the site owner must evaluate the new website as a whole and, in essence, re-evaluate the overall picture, making it hard to anticipate what happens next.

On the other hand, a one-to-one site migration does not require revaluating the whole site because it remains unaltered.

Mueller said that it is difficult for a website SEO expert to know exactly what happens in this kind of site migration, even if they have enough knowledge and experience. It is difficult because even if one moves from one domain to a different domain, then Google’s system could easily tell site owners to take everything from the original domain and copy it to the new domain.

But if one moves from a subdomain to the main domain, they are combining different parts of the website. In the end, the outcome will depend on their website’s final structure.

Strategise Before the Subdomain Migration

Mueller reminded the SEO community that planning ahead of time is crucial, especially if it is migrating to the main domain from the subdomain. He also talked about the value of mapping the old domain before the migration for a more successful result.

It would also help to create a map of the old subdomain structure by using crawling tools like Screaming Frog. SEOs can make the 301 redirects after they migrate domains before doing a full crawl of the old subdomain; doing so ensures that all the 301 redirects are properly working. It also helps one see if there are any 404 pages.

Mueller said that SEOs could make all of these sorts of adjustments, but he warned that they must be careful to do them in a reasonable way. That is why it is important to create a clear mapping between the old website and the new one, then double-check all the old URLs. One can use various tools to carry out this task but really ensure that everything has been relocated efficiently.

Then, once site owners are confident that everything is fine with the old URLs, they should crawl the main domain again separately to be sure that the new website structure is correct and that all of the pages can be found. Usually, it should turn out just fine. Mueller said that it’s possible to make other mistakes, but these are the majority of issues that prevent one from migrating domains successfully.

The Effects of Site Migrations

Every website is unique in terms of subject, size, and how it integrates into the website overall. So, understandably, Mueller was vague about how long the site migration would take until everything had settled down. He admitted that he does not know what to recommend when it comes to the final effect of the site migration and how long it would take. Mueller just mentioned that SEOs might see an effect for a couple of weeks.

Site Migration Advice for Google News Publishers

Next, Mueller focused on Google News publishers. He said that they should reach out to other professionals in the Help Center for Google News publishers. They may also fill out a contact form to inform Google News that they are moving from this set of URLs to a different set of URLs.

The reason for this is that Google must make other changes in the Publisher Center. Mueller admitted that he doesn’t know all the details, but Google must be aware of this as well. But for search itself, one must essentially ensure that everything is lined up.

Subdomain to Main Domain Site Migrations

Making a lot of changes on a website can be frightening, especially when a site is currently performing well. Any adjustments should be made with the aim of improving something that could be better – enhancing the user experience, for instance.

Position1SEO Can Help You with Site Migrations

Website migrations in SEO, especially from a subdomain domain to the main domain, can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to make sure all of the content and files are transferred correctly, but you also need to ensure that the site’s SEO is maintained. It is imperative for the SEO of a website to be maintained throughout any migration process. A site’s search engine rankings and traffic will suffer if it is not properly migrated, and that can hurt your business in many ways. This is where hiring an SEO agency can come in handy.

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