Single Or Multi-Page: What Is The Best URL Structure For Product Pages?

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Many SEO agencies and business owners operating in the ecommerce SEO industry know the importance of having a good product page URL structure for their website. It is crucial for companies to work with ecommerce SEO agencies for the betterment of their website, thus giving their business better chances of success.

Businesses and website owners often wonder about the best page URL structure to use for a product page for SEO purposes – single page or multi-page design? For instance, should the support be separated to different tabs with different links under the product page or should they all be under one page?

Just like any other SEO task, the answer may be different based on a specific situation or website. In general, single-page design is a much better option for the information. Single-page designs help Google to easily find the content of the product page, allowing businesses and website owners to worry less about their websites’ technicalities.

However, the answer isn’t so clear-cut.  Take, for instance, a website that has tons of reviews on pages for multiple products. Sometimes, these customer reviews include photos and videos of the products that they have ordered.

These reviews weigh the page down, potentially destroying the website owner’s crawl budget when they paginate it. In this specific situation, ecommerce SEO agencies highly recommend businesses to split things up.

But while this fix is appropriate for that specific situation, businesses and website owners should still carefully analyse their circumstances as there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

The Right Approach For Ecommerce Websites

Each ecommerce website is different from each other, which is why SEOs and webmasters should list out the types of variants, folders, and alternate URLs that they need. They should also identify if the type of variant needs a unique folder, URL, or parameter.

In addition, there some questions that they need to answer. For instance, they have to know if their products have a massive search volume for reviews. If so, making a review page for their website is likely the best solution to help shoppers and attract more customers.

On the other hand, if the folder, URL, or variant improves end-user experience, SEOs and website owners should focus more on a heavier search volume for a specific size, colour, or material. This could include colour variations, reviews, sizes, specs, comparisons.

The number one rule is to fully understand the website’s current condition. If there is enough difference from the product page or value in a unique experience, then creating a new URL is recommended. However, if the product page is the best experience, then it is much better to keep it as a single URL.

If businesses opt for folders, unique URLs, and parameters, then they should consider checking the website’s structure and search engine signals, including breadcrumbs, navigation, internal links, canonical links, and sitemap. Websites that are available in multiple languages should also have their hreflang tags checked.

Lastly, checking for index bloat in Google’s search results and your Search Console accounts is a must because too many pages and variants may eat up crawl budget, which will pose more problems in the future.

Single-page design minimises errors and is easier to maintain, but this doesn’t mean that it is the best thing to go for in all circumstances.

Work With The Professionals

For businesses operating in the ecommerce SEO industry, analysing the needs of their website and their customers is a must. Ignoring the importance of SEO means that your site traffic will suffer, and this will lead to many lost opportunities for your business.

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Author: Jason Ferry
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