Study Shows Which Rich Results Get High Click-Through Rates

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A recent study of Google SERP click-through rates (CTR) shows which type of rich result generates the most clicks, giving affordable SEO companies some great insights. Many providers of affordable SEO services learned that Google SERPs are not equal when it comes to CTR.

Milestone Research analysed more than 4.5 million questions and found out that most users click on rich results 58 per cent of the time, compared to a 41 per cent CTR for non-rich results.

A lot of people in the SEO community were not surprised to know that users click on rich results more than organic results, but the study shows that the amount of CTR varies based on the type of rich results.

For certain types of rich results, the study shows that the CTR can reach as high as 87 per cent. Moreover, it also covers both branded and non-branded results and shows which of the two can generate more CTR.

With this study, professionals who offer affordable SEO services and marketing strategies can determine the best type of rich results to gain more clicks from organic search results.

The main point of the study is that the average CTR of both standard and rich results on Google’s first page is 49.5 per cent, meaning half of all users will click on organic results. The remaining half consists of those who click on paid ads, use voice search features, or zero-click searches.

As mentioned, rich results have a higher CTR of 58 per cent while non-rich results only have a CTR of 41 per cent. However, rich results that have branded keywords get an increased CTR of 60 per cent.

In the study, there were two types of rich results that were analysed in greater detail: AMP and FAQ.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) plays a role for both the lowest and highest CTR in the study. Non-rich AMP results receive the biggest amount of clicks per 100 searches, with a CTR of 92 per cent.

Meanwhile, rich AMP articles have the lowest CTR of 15 per cent. This tells affordable SEO companies that it is better to get an AMP article indexed in standard results instead of ranking them in the Top Stories carousel.

As for the FAQ rich results, both branded and non-branded keywords have an average CTR of 87 per cent. The FAQ type of rich result has the highest CTR compared to other types studied.

If SEOs were to ignore branded keywords, the CTR for FAQ rich results will significantly increase to 91 per cent.

Aside from FAQ rich results, video rich results also have a higher CTR compared to other types. According to the study, video thumbnails show up in more than a quarter of the search results, which is a significant amount.

Video rich results, including both branded and non-branded keywords, have a high CTR that can reach up to 62 per cent, becoming one of the best performing types of rich results. However, the study shows that users click more on videos if there are branded keywords in the query.

Analysing branded and non-branded video rich results separately, the former gains 65 per cent CTR, while the former has 50 per cent CTR.

Videos that appear in Google’s thumbnail carousel are mostly from YouTube, making it the best platform to share videos on.

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Author: Jason Ferry
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