These Are The Top Search Trends Of 2018 That You Should Know

Search Trends

Google has turned 20 years old last September. In two decades, the searching habits of users have changed dramatically. Whether you are working in the field of search engine optimisation or marketing, looking back at the top search trends of 2018 is helpful in understanding the audience better.

  1. Most people look up “good”. Google said that a lot of people are searching for “good” in 2018, such as “what makes a good role model.” Different brands can take advantage of this trend by concentrating on social good and making an impact while boosting brand awareness.
  2. Most popular searches. Just like previous years, it is not uncommon for popular actors, movies, sports events, and singers to become top searches. But this can still give an idea of how each term performs over one another at a global level.
  3. Search is simple and direct. This 2018, search queries became simpler and less complicated. Those aiming for a popular and general keyword, simplifying keywords is the key.
  4. Searching for all kinds of questions and answers. In the mobile-first world, seeking for answers has never been faster. When looking for a specific location or answering practical questions, Google search comes to mind first.

By understanding these search trends, SEO experts and marketers can come up with more effective contents, campaign and advertisements in the future.

Details in this post were gathered from https://searchenginewatch.com/2018/12/19/top-google-search-trends-2018/. Click this link for more information.

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