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In a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout, John Mueller of Google mentioned the do’s and don’t of selecting a URL structure for AMP pages. Now, what should affordable SEO experts and site owners take note about this?

In the hangout, a website owner asked a question regarding Google’s preference when it comes to the URL structure type for AMP pages. Mueller answered this by saying, “I was wondering if there’s any best practice for the URL structure of AMP pages. If you use a sub-domain or a folder in the upper level you can have a better possibility for analyzing in different tools.

But I was wondering if there’s any benefit for Google if you put your AMP pages under the root domain instead of a sub-domain or parameters.

The response from Mueller

According to Mueller, Google is focused on just one thing when it comes to the said concern, and that is if they are all on a similar domain. So whatever you select to structure the AMP URLs, just as long as they belong to the same domain, Google will accept it.

From Google’s point of view I think the only criteria that is critical for AMP pages is that it has to be on the same domain.

So if you have it in the subdomain, or a sub-directory, all of that is perfectly fine.

Now, what should website owners pick if that’s the only thing that concerns Google?

Mueller further clarified that website owners need to just choose the URL structure which works great for their current setup. This means that the structure needs to be easy to monitor, track and maintain, as well as must be compatible with their sever and CMS.

In general, with these kind of related pages, I would recommend doing them in a way that works best for you. So something where it’s easy for you to track, it’s easy for you to monitor, it’s easy for you to maintain that setup. So if it works well for your CMS, for example, or if it works well for your server setup then that’s a good choice.

That said, it’s quite unfortunate if you’re searching for a particular optimisation strategy for AMP URLs.

Mueller stated that there is nothing that makes a huge difference in terms of AMP URLs.

I wouldn’t worry about is there any kind of Google tweak that makes a big difference with regards to these alternate URLs.

There’s something to take note of, yet it’s one thing that applies to every URL. Be cautious when changing the URL structure too often. Make sure not to select one and keep it for as long as possible.

In case the structure for AMP pages is altered, Google will reprocess every URL that has the potential to impact the rankings in a bad way.

The other thing I would watch out for with these alternate URLs is that you don’t change the patterns too often.

    So, ideally, if you pick something like a sub-directory or a sub-domain then try to keep that for as long as you can.

    It’s not quite the same as if you change your primary URLs with regards to search, but any time you change URLs in general then we kind of have to reprocess that.

    If you’re changing the alternate URLs that are associated with every page on your site then that means we have to process a lot of URLs to kind of understand that new setup.

    So pick pick a sub-domain, or sub-directory, or parameters if you want. Whatever works best for you. And try to keep that setup, ideally, for the long run.

This Is Why Site Owners Must Not Wait For People To Locate Their New Website

Among the great things that have happened over the years is the advice that new users received from the SEO UK community. Such users are those who are just beginning their work in this field and is aiming to grow their new website as well. With the help of people like Gary Illyes and John Mueller from Google, the typical issues and myths that users are facing are constantly getting resolved. But aside from that, there were also reports about some things the Mueller has mentioned over the past years, which guided individuals who are starting to create their websites. Now, Mueller has provided new advice that plenty of new website owners will surely relate to.

For someone who’s starting to build a new website, this signifies that they possess a brand new asset that might be a big deal in the future. With that being said, there are a lot of individuals who advise website owners to let their sites sit on the internet for several months prior to making backlinks or carrying out other things. It is said that the website must acquire organic traffic in the first few months.

But John Mueller of Google mentioned in a webmaster hangout that webmasters should be proactive. They shouldn’t wait for people to locate their new website on their own as it may not take place for a majority of the websites. According to him,

Sometimes it takes a bit of time to kind of get the ball rolling. What I would generally recommend though is not just to take this as something like “oh I’ll just wait a couple of months and then it’ll be better.

Take this as kind of a situation where it’s similar to where you’re opening a business in a new location where you need to do something to get the ball rolling yourself.

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