What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Multiple Domains?

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Most SEOs and webmasters wonder about the pros and cons of using multiple domains to redirect to a single website. Whether it is beneficial or dangerous from a Google or SEO standpoint depends on the situation of their website SEO. For this reason, businesses heavily rely on website SEO analysis to determine the needs of their site, as well as the authority of the domains that they will use for 301 redirects.

When multiple domains are pointing to a single website, this usually means 301 or other redirects from extra domains pointing to one website. If there is only one website answering to several redirects from various domains, it will create multiple websites with duplicate content. When this happens, it becomes dangerous for a website’s SEO.

Nevertheless, some professional SEO agencies can use this technique to great effect as long as they know exactly what they are doing.

There are several things to consider when using multiple domains to point to a single website. The first thing to consider is the source of such domains. Secondly, one must know if the website in question has always had multiple domains. Lastly, businesses should consider whether the domains to be linked to their site had a website of “their own” or not.

Double-checking the history of each domain is crucial, especially if they were once standalone websites that had their own content before. Another thing to look out for is whether or not the website was managed by other people before they became extra domains. One can conduct a website SEO analysis on the history of these domains by acquiring a historical backlink profile, dating back to as far as possible.

Afterwards, SEOs and website owners will need to have a fresh backlink profile for each domain. They will then have to search for links of questionable origin in each backlink profile. This will prevent you from getting any undesirable backlinks like porn or spam URLs pointing to a wholesome website.

If any signs of nefarious activities done in the past were found, then SEOs and webmasters should not consider 301 redirecting such domains to their website. However, if the domains turned out to be high-quality and have type-in value, then it is alright to have them 302 redirected to the single website.

Another thing to consider is duplicate content. SEOs and website owners usually check on Google to see if the domains have actively ranking pages. If there are any, they should assess whether or not the content is similar to the current content published on the main website. After all, it does not make sense for a domain with content about dogs to be redirected to a website that discusses the latest news about cars. If the content is not relevant, then there is no reason for 301 redirects.

One smart way of 301 redirecting is to acquire domains from a direct competitor, which means the content they have is relevant. SEOs and webmasters can then redirect the pages on these domains to most of the pages in their main website.

By doing so, potential customers can still find the answer that they are looking for on the main website and not on the competitor’s domain. Moreover, all high-value URLs pointing to the competitor’s domain will then be redirected to the main website.

It just takes wise decision-making when choosing the best domains to redirect to main websites. If you’re not sure what domains are dangerous or beneficial for your main website, then it’s best to hire a professional SEO expert who can help you with such a task.

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We will make sure that your domains have a clean backlink history with relevant content and avoid those that have clear evidence of being hacked or compromised in the past. Having a highly experienced website SEO expert by your side will surely keep you ahead of your competitors!

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Author: Jason Ferry
Jason Ferry is an SEO specialist based in the United Kingdom. Taking pride in his many years of experience in the search engine optimisation industry, he has honed his skills in various digital marketing processes. From keyword marketing, website auditing, and link building campaigns, to social media monitoring, he is well-versed in all of them. Jason Ferry’s excellent skills in SEO, combined with his vast experience, makes him one of the best professionals to work with in the industry today. Not only does he guarantee outstanding output for everyone he works with, but also values a deep relationship with them as well.

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