How SEO and Google Works: Internet Marketing Consultant Tips For Small Business Owners

Internet Marketing Consultant

An internet marketing consultant with expertise in SEO constantly exerts effort to direct all his activities into the goal of landing to the top rank of the most popular search engine, which is Google. Although there are other search engines optimisation such as Yahoo and Bing, the vast majority of online users prefer Google when searching for information they need to find. That being said, SEO professionals are keen on the various algorithms implemented by Google to ensure their site will not suffer a setback.

There are different factors as to how Google rank websites in the search results. Two of these factors is being relevant and reputable which will be discussed in the next paragraphs.

Relevant pages and websites are read by Google.

The most effective thing that an internet marketing company can do is place themselves at the shoes of online users. What are the words or phrases which will be used in order for the products and services offered from a certain website to show up in Google’s top pages? The website must be relevant. For instance, the kids’ toys may have the phrases “buy kids toys”, “where to find kids toys”, “cheap kids toys online”, “kids toys for sale”, and so many more. If the website has these keywords or any related combination of words, Google can name it as a relevant site or page. This is considered as a basic in the scope of responsibilities by search engine marketing experts.

Authoritative sites have the edge in Google.

Making a website relevant according to the standard of Google is just the first step to the long journey. More often than not, Google doesn’t encounter a difficulty in finding relevant websites for the online users. However, there are always more than a thousand or even million pages and sites that are relevant to the keywords placed on the search engine box. This is where being reputable comes in the picture. In website marketing, it is everyone’s goal to be on the first page of the search engine page results.

To be reputable, the page or site should have enough authority and popularity. Popularity is related to the repeated and numerous page views and visits, the duration of time when online users stay on the website and page, and tons of social mentions and links. If the website has higher numbers in all these aspects stated, then it is recognised as more popular by Google compared to others. SEO marketing experts have various techniques applied to ensure the websites they handle become popular.

Meanwhile, authority pertains to where the social mentions and links came from. It is a significant matter to enhance the authenticity of the information in a website. If the social mentions and incoming links are seen from prominent websites such as educational institutions and government to name some, the website definitely has the authority as opposed to the other sites which don’t have any of these.

The collaboration of these features—relevant and authoritative, will help any website to land a better ranking than other competitors which can all be accomplished by an experienced internet marketing consultant. The basic rule to follow is make the website more relevant and more authoritative by thinking ahead and executing effective SEO strategies. Google will absolutely love to place that website always on top of a given search result.

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