This Is What Google Has To Say About Limiting New Web Pages From Ranking

New Web Pages

Every SEO professional and webmaster must take note that there are no limits when ranking new web pages. This is what Google’s John Mueller explained recently in a Twitter discussion.

According to Mueller, they use a lot of factors when crawling, indexing and ranking web pages without following a fixed rule or timeline. Some web pages may show up quickly compared to others because they could be a reference to a web page’s topicality, or perhaps the new web page discusses a certain topic thoroughly, making it popular.

It has long been debated by the search engine optimisation community if Google uses an automatic block called sandbox. This prevents new web pages from ranking, given how hard it is to rank them than before. It was hypothesised that a sandbox was applied to new web pages to prevent them from ranking in case they were spammy. Others believed that older web pages had more trust than new ones so they can rank easier.

However, Google said that they have never used a sandbox, and has been denying its existence since 2005. Instead, the algorithm might have impacted some web pages that webmasters or SEO experts would see as being sandboxed.

Details for this post were taken from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/ranking-new-pages/. For more information, click the link.

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