Featured Snippets

Google started rolling multifaceted featured snippets in the mobile search results earlier this year. Now, SEO experts and website owners are advised to keep an eye out as Google starts to test showing multifaceted featured snippets in desktop search results too. Although it seems the test is no longer active at the moment, it’s expected […]
Plenty of webmasters and SEO experts already know that it’s possible to lose a featured snippet for a certain search query and get it back within the day. This really happens even if you haven’t done anything to optimise for featured snippets, and this proves their volatility in Google search right now. This topic has […]
A featured snippet is a summary of an answer to a user’s query showing on top of the search results. Google displays these snippets once their algorithm recognises that a query is a question. That is why it is imperative that at least one paragraph in your content answers a particular user’s question. This is […]