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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become increasingly crucial for businesses to gain visibility online and increase their customer base. For many organisations, hiring an SEO agency is the best way to reach their desired goals. But it can be difficult to know which agency is the right fit for your business needs. This blog will […]
If you run a business, one of your primary goals will be to maximise the sales of your company’s products or services. To do this, you need to make the most of very resource you have at your fingertips. And one of your key tools for raising your visibility among new customers and building trust […]
Online SEO agencies aim to write unique and creative title tags to attract readers from the search engine results pages (SERPs). However, the community recently noticed how Google tends to rewrite title tags in the search results and replace the text with a page’s H1 tag. This made many SEO agencies and online businesses confused […]
Ecommerce SEO agencies often have trouble getting their product pages to rank. A person recently discussed the matter with Google’s John Mueller, asking him about the best methods for ranking product pages and improving one’s search visibility. In response, Mueller told them his thoughts on the best practices that any SEO agency can do. The […]
Top SEO agencies tuned in to Google's Search Off the Record podcast as John Mueller interviewed Duy Nguyen, a member of Google's Search Quality team. Nguyen told businesses owners and SEO agencies about one of the most problematic types of spam that the Internet faces today. Google's John Mueller started the discussion by asking Nguyen […]
Professional SEO agencies and site owners use internal links in their content to redirect their readers to another page on their website. However, Google's John Mueller warns SEO agencies that using too many internal links can reduce their value. The good news is, he shared some helpful tips on what to do instead. A website […]
The best SEO agencies have been preparing their websites for the algorithm updates that Google launched recently. Because of the constant change happening in the SEO industry, online businesses and website owners always hire flexible and reliable SEO agencies to help their sites rank well in search results. Nevertheless, other webmasters and companies still have […]
Online SEO agencies and website owners use PageSpeed Insights to improve their rankings and site traffic. Just recently, Google updated the tool, and it is now showing more field data before. SEO agencies should be able to use its new features as the updated scoring is now live and reflects its new method of managing […]
Perfectly written content ensures that readers get a wonderful user experience. Therefore, many web SEO agencies need to double-check their content and even HTML, making sure that there is no poor grammar or spelling before publishing. However, some SEO agencies wonder if poor spelling, grammar, and HTML have a negative effect on their search rankings. […]
SEO agencies waited as Google launched their broad core algorithm update early in June 2021. Top SEO agencies are also looking forward to another core update, which will launch shortly next month. The original plan was to include more into this month’s core algorithm update. However, Google could not make enough preparations to launch everything […]