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Many professional SEO agencies will agree that Headings (H1, H2, and so on) are an important aspect of SEO. However, there are different opinions about how these elements should be properly implemented. Recently, there has been a huge debate among SEO agencies on social media about the proper usage of Heading elements. Google has already […]
When it comes to online business, many of the best SEO agencies today agree that data is the greatest currency of all. SEO agencies will often conduct research to get accurate information about their target audience to create effective marketing strategies that are guaranteed to boost rankings. However, as consumer privacy is also growing in […]
The best SEO agencies tend to avoid the use of cloaking nowadays as this old trick violates Google’s guidelines. However, many SEO agencies are wondering whether or not blocking Google from anti-ad block detection would cause the system to treat their page as cloaking. Google’s John Mueller was asked about the matter in an SEO […]
Web SEO agencies are often sceptical or distrustful about the use of automation in SEO. But the truth is, automated tools can help SEO agencies up their game as long as they remain actively present and work with it throughout the whole process. Many marketers – and even those outside of marketing – have negative […]
Just recently, Google told SEO agencies that they are updating their Google Discover policies to exclude five types of content from being recommended. With that in mind, online SEO agencies may want to think twice before publishing such content if they want to maximise the presence of their website. Discover is a way for Google […]
SEO agencies and ecommerce site owners provide Google with product information to help promote their offers and build a strong presence online. Recently, to help online businesses and ecommerce SEO agencies do their work much easier, Google gave some tips on how to provide search engines with accurate product data. Google can make good use […]
An SEO report compared data on various industries to help global SEO agencies form a better understanding of Core Web Vitals. This allowed SEO agencies to determine which websites from specific industries were likely to be given a higher position in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). The recent report from BrightEdge included various top […]
The best SEO agencies make sure to create only unique content as duplicates can be detrimental to a website. Google detects duplicate content by using a predictive method that is based on URL patterns. Therefore, even the top SEO agencies should double-check their links to prevent their webpages from being treated as duplicates. Google has […]
  In the past, the use of cookies was a very popular digital marketing strategy among professional SEO agencies and online businesses but has since lost some effectiveness with the advent of the smartphone. And, with Internet users today becoming increasingly distrustful of cookies and other forms of tracking, webmasters and SEO agencies everywhere need […]
The best SEO agencies today create efficient strategies to get their content on the Web Stories carousel in Discover. However, Google’s John Mueller has recently told SEO agencies that not every published web story can be featured in Discover. Last October, Google Discover added its own web stories carousel, but it can only feature a […]