SEO Optimisation

Website SEO optimisation becomes even more challenging for the SEO community during times of a new Google update. Making changes to websites during these times can significantly affect search rankings and site traffic. Fortunately, Google’s Martin Splitt gave SEO optimisation experts some helpful last-minute advice regarding the latest Page Experience update. During a live Search […]
SEO optimisation companies help businesses improve their website performance to boost traffic and generate more sales. But soon, SEO optimisation experts will have one more key factor to take into account. Google recently introduced a user experience metric – First Input Delay (FID) – which is planned to be used as a small ranking factor […]
Google Search Console’s crawl stats report is a feature that can be beneficial for SEO optimisation. Search Advocate Daniel Waisberg discussed this major update to help webmasters and businesses improve their strategies for SEO optimisation on Google. The crawl stats report had a huge update several months ago, particularly in the area of determining how […]
Businesses online should know the importance of ecommerce website SEO optimisation, especially for their category pages. Category pages divide an online store’s inventories into easy-to-manage subsections, allowing customers to quickly find products. SEO optimisation can boost a category page’s visibility in the search results for higher site traffic. But optimising these pages can be challenging […]
Most businesses and SEO optimisation companies use the noindex meta tag on pages with products that are currently out of stock. John Mueller from Google answered a question about this concern and gave feedback on how it can cause issues when ranking for Google’s results pages. For this reason, webmasters and providers of SEO optimisation […]
Google’s John Mueller recently reminded webmasters and providers of SEO optimisation services not to “blindly” copy what top-ranked websites do. Instead, he suggested a more effective alternative SEO optimisation method for people to follow. Mueller had initially received a question on Twitter regarding a website’s menu. The person who asked the question wondered if it […]
Most customers’ purchase decisions are greatly affected by online reviews from others who have tried the products or services before them. But apart from this, it has been recently discovered that these reviews also play a significant role in search engine optimisation UK wide and around the world, particularly in local SEO. Local search ranking […]