• 22 June, 2023
  • Jason Ferry
If you're a UK business owner, you must have an online presence. But simply having a website isn't enough; getting discovered by your local customers is just as important. That's where local SEO comes in. In this blog, we'll explore why local SEO is essential for UK businesses, how it works, and how you can […]
  • 10 May, 2023
  • Jason Ferry
If you are a business owner in the United Kingdom, it is essential to optimise your website for local searches. Doing so ensures that potential customers can find your business online and makes it easier for them to learn more about what you offer. Here’s how an SEO UK company can help you maximise your […]
  • 21 December, 2022
  • Jason Ferry
The search engine optimisation industry in the United Kingdom is one of the largest and most lucrative in the world. With a wide range of services available, it can be difficult to keep up to date with all the latest trends and developments. In this article, we will provide an overview of the UK’s search […]
  • 11 June, 2020
  • Jason Ferry
For SEO UK experts and site owners using a recipe markup, Google may now give you the option of filtering performance reports in the "search appearance" options. This is a newly added filter option in the Google Search Console. Where are the filter options? The aforementioned filters can be accessed by logging into the Google […]
  • 27 April, 2020
  • Jason Ferry
A lot of SEO UK professionals and business owners are having a tough time because of the coronavirus pandemic. To help them, Google has released the Covid-19 Marketing Playbook. This Google playbook provides a framework with which you can easily create an effective marketing strategy. The framework was produced in line with Google’s findings on […]
  • 14 January, 2020
  • Jason Ferry
Just yesterday morning, Google released an announcement via Twitter that they’ll be rolling out a new broad core algorithm later today – the January 2020 Core Update. Now the question is, what can SEO UK professionals and webmasters expect from the first update for this year? According to the announcement, they’re launching the January 2020 […]
  • 3 January, 2020
  • Jason Ferry
Today, there are still SEO UK professionals and webmasters who don’t know the importance of On Site SEO, also known as on page SEO. Wherein, in fact, on site SEO plays a great role in guiding search engines to understand the site and its content. Apart from the factors mentioned in the previous blog, here […]
  • 14 November, 2019
  • Jason Ferry
If you’re one of those SEO UK companies or a site owner that already has a right-minded SEO strategy, then the good news is that Google’s latest update, nicknamed BERT, shouldn’t cause you a minute’s worry. Unlike some past updates that have seen websites plunge dramatically down the search engine results, the effects of BERT […]
  • 12 May, 2017
  • Jason Ferry
In the past - and we’re still talking within fairly recent memory here – SEO UK, and indeed internationally, was seen as a simple matter of repeating keywords time and again throughout pieces of text. It didn’t even really matter what the text said, so long as the keywords were present in sufficient quality. Throw […]
As a company owner, your ultimate goal is to increase the sales of your products and services. You know that you can only achieve this if you maximise all of the resources that you have; such as the online traffic from your business website. Hiring an SEO agency to do this is an important decision […]