Google: How Educational Sites Can Be Eligible For New Rich Results

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Website SEO companies help educational sites attain a better online presence on the search engine results pages, especially those that provide content about math solving and practice problems. Thanks to the features that Google has recently added, website SEOs can now do their work much more easily.

Google has recently added support for a new kind of schema markup that allows educational sites to be eligible for new rich results. The search engine company found out that there has been an increase in the number of searchers requesting educational content that involves practice problems and math solving. These users were mostly students whose school schedules were ruined by the pandemic.

Google rolled out the new search feature specifically for these two popular types of content because it makes it easier for learners to find the information they have been searching for. With these new features, websites can boost their visibility and attract more site visitors.

Below are more details about the new rich results that Google recently added, as well as some tips on how website SEOs and educational sites can be eligible for them.

Practice Problem Rich Results

These websites help the readers evaluate their understanding of a topic. Google usually displays multiple choice questions in the results pages while users search for practice problems. Websites can get featured in these rich results if they implement the new structured data that practice problems require.

Google requires all websites to create at least two practice problems per concept. For instance, if the topic is about the “quadratic equation”, the audience must make two questions for the topic. The search engine also advised websites to add the recommended structured data properties to help searchers determine the relevance of a piece of content to their education level.

Moreover, the SEO community should also understand the searcher’s needs. Some of the factors that can affect their decision on which learning material to use include grade level, curriculum standards, and topicality – which indicate the overall relevance of the content to the user.

On the day of launching the additional features, Google said that readers will be able to explore almost a million practice problems from educational sites like CK12, Education Quizzes, Kahoot!, OpenStax, Vedantu, Toppr, Great Minds, GradeUp, Chegg, Career 360, and more.

Math Solvers Rich Results

A math solver page provides searchers with a tool that allows them to input equations and get solutions. All they have to do is type in equations in the Google search bar – just like any search query – and the search results pages will display hundreds of websites that have step-by-step answers. Website SEO companies and educational websites can use the new structured data for math solvers so their webpage can be shown in the rich results.

New Reports In Search Console

Educational sites and SEOs can use Google Search Console’s new reports to check for any errors after they have implemented the structured data markup that practice problems and math solvers require.

The SEOs and webmasters can get the most out of rich results reports in Search Console. These reports let them know about all warnings, errors, and valid items for webpages with structured data, allowing them to understand what the search engine can or can’t read from the markup.

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