Google Will Not Speed Up Data Collection For Now

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SEO experts and webmasters always strive to improve website SEO by complying with Google’s Core Web Vitals. However, Google Search Advocate John Mueller told website SEO experts that it takes 28 days for their Core Web Vitals testing tools to gather aggregate field data, and they have no plans to speed up their data collection as of now.

When an SEO or a webmaster makes changes to a website to improve Core Web Vitals, it will take no less than 28 days before Google’s testing tools could collect data. In a Search Central SEO hangout, someone asked Mueller about the issues that SEOs and developers face during the 28-day gap.

According to Mueller, it is unlikely that they will speed up the process any time soon. He said the primary reason for the 28-day window is that they aggregate Chrome User Experience report data.

This means that Search Console is not necessarily slow when processing data. Collecting and aggregating the data simply takes time to do.

Google does not intend to analyse and report the Core Web Vitals data in real-time. Rather, they want to make sure that a website constantly provides an excellent user experience over a certain period of time.

For businesses and webmasters who want to make the process faster, Mueller suggests they conduct personal tests on their sites using third-party tools. He said that there are tools that allows website owners pick a sample of their important webpages and test them every day. By doing so, they can quickly determine any regressions in the setups they made.

However, he had to warn the SEO community that the lab data given by third-party tools are not similar to the field data, which Google bases their reports on. This means that there is a small difference between testing webpages with third-party apps and the real Core Web Vitals testing. But Mueller shared a way for users to see if something is wrong with their webpages.

Mueller suggests taking a look at the data lab test results and monitor whether they are stable for a certain amount of time. If they go unstable out of the blue, it is a strong indicator that there is something wrong with their webpage or site layouts.

Despite all these, Mueller admits that Google’s method of collecting data can make it more difficult for people, especially since measuring cumulative layout shift (CSL) is tricky. Therefore, if businesses and website owners feel that the search engine company’s calculations do not make sense, Mueller encourages them to get in touch with the Chrome team directly.

He also said that it is not Google’s responsibility to dig deeper if a site’s score does not make sense after their Core Web Vitals testing. Nevertheless, they still need to heavily rely on that score, and so it is up to the SEOs to let the search side know if there is anything wrong with it.

Finally, he reassured SEOs that Google will update the Core Web Vitals and page experience once a year. They will also let the SEO community know what’s included in the updates. And although everyone expects it to improve over time, Mueller said that it’s also important for them to send feedback if they experience any weird cases.

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