• 10 December, 2019
  • Jason Ferry
BERT, an algorithm that is specifically designed to help Google to understand a user’s query better, is now rolling out internationally following its launch last October. Previously available for only US English queries, the BERT algorithm is now coming to over 70 languages around the globe. For SEO professionals and site owners, it’s important to […]
  • 31 October, 2019
  • Jason Ferry
The release of Google’s BERT has come with plenty of misinformation, with many SEO experts posting on Twitter to warn people to be careful. Danny Sullivan of Google reiterated that this would change nothing for publishers, as there is nothing to optimise for the algorithm. He added that the update only aims to support Google’s […]
  • 28 October, 2019
  • Jason Ferry
SEO companies and webmasters should take note of Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers or BERT, the only artificial intelligence Google has introduced since RankBrain. It will be fully rolled out within the week for English queries, affecting 10% of the results. This has been considered as the most advanced change in search history for the […]