Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google released a broad core algorithm update last September 24. SEO companies and webmasters were given advance notice about it, making this the second time the search engine giant made an announcement regarding such an update. This can be seen as part of Google’s move to take webmaster outreach to the next level. The update, […]
SEO experts and website owners should take note of a new Google broad core algorithm update rolling out today, 3rd June 2019. Google announced this on Twitter yesterday, saying it is part of the regular algorithm updates they do throughout the year. Simply put, these updates focus on improving Google and how it understands search […]
Recently, Google confirmed that a new broad core algorithm update had been rolled out. They clarified that the update was made to enhance the way Google matches search queries to relevant results. It should be noted too that the broad core update is a major algorithm change. Therefore, SEO experts and webmaster should take this […]