Structured Data

Many webmasters and SEO experts are interested in knowing what advantages structured data can offer, aside from rich results and featured snippets. John Mueller answered a question about this recently, saying that it helps Google easily understand the entities on a web page. He added that although it is not a ranking factor, it can […]
In a recent Google Webmaster Hangout, John Mueller of Google confirmed that it is all right not to have structured data in the AMP version of a website. Despite this, he reminded all SEO professionals and webmasters that the content’s desktop and AMP versions should still match. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are an alternate […]
John Mueller of Google tells webmasters and SEO experts that they should not implement structured data using Google Tag Manager (GTM). This has been discussed before by Google, but it seems that many people are not getting the message at all. Mueller emphasised that even though Google Tag Manager can be used to implement structured […]