Google Trends

Yesterday, February 24, 2020, is the day that the Google Panda update turned nine years old. Released as an algorithm update, the day it was launched is probably one of the most unforgettable days for an SEO professional in their field of work. February 24, 2011. In this exact date, 12% of the search results […]
The recent news about the resignation of Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin has sparked discussion among many SEO specialists and website owners alike. Believing that the company needed to thrive without their daily influence, the founders stepped down from their respective positions as CEO and President of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Google CEO […]
</a Last November 4, a Google Webmaster Conference was held at Mountain View, California. A lot of interesting tips and trends were discussed at this event. Here are some that SEO experts and webmasters would find valuable: Deduplication. SEO professionals and webmasters can help Google determine the canonical version and understand how search engines take […]
Google Trends is an online search tool that enables a user to see how, where and when a specific keyword is being used. And by continuously providing extensive keyword information, Google Trends has been recognised as one of the most useful SEO tools today. Now the good news is, Google has just announced that they […]