Local SEO

Businesses nowadays try all sorts of ways to become more relevant to their market and environmentally friendly for users. This is why Google announced that it is adding a new recycling attribute label to its Google Business Profiles. This attribute can be used by businesses to improve their visibility on local search SEO results. This […]
An effective content strategy is only as good as the execution. A local SEO expert can help site owners hone in on keywords and phrases to include in their content. Not only that, but they can also formulate a solid local SEO strategy and ensure that potential customers can easily find a website online. Local […]
Many restaurant businesses need to build a solid local SEO strategy since the industry is extremely competitive in local search. Every year, more restaurants are opening, and new concept types are emerging. Therefore, restaurants should maintain a strong local SEO presence, especially if they attempt to accomplish it on a larger scale. Despite the numerous […]
2021 has been a wild ride for companies using Google Business Profile (GBP) for their local search SEO strategies. Formerly known as Google My Business (GMB), its most significant change in 2021 was when Google rebranded it to GBP and launched the feature that allowed marketers and local SEO experts to manage company profiles. Support […]
In a recent Ask An SEO edition on Search Engine Journal, a cleaning service provider serving approximately 120 distinct neighbourhoods shared how they wanted to create an article for each district, city, neighbourhood, and service search. However, they do not know the right local SEO strategy to use. The person asked about the right link […]
  Local SEO consultants use Google My Business to boost their local SEO, but it can be frustrating when the tool does not work as they expect it to – especially when there are a lot of clients from their Business Profile on Search and Maps. Google Support is doing its best to fix several […]
Google Maps is known chiefly for its useful features that help people find the fastest routes to their destination, check traffic conditions, and find locations using Street View. In actuality, this tool can do much more to help local SEO experts and businesses in improving their local SEO rankings. Below are some of the top […]
Businesses and website owners must improve their local SEO, especially with the rising local search marketing trends. Nowadays, a new trend is emerging as more and more local SEO experts build location pages with advanced mapping features to improve their local search. These pages usually contain maps that show potential customers where the location is, […]
The best local SEO consultants make good use of Google My Business (GMB) to attain higher visibility on the search engine results pages. This tool is crucial for local SEO as it helps users find the top businesses offering products and services in their area. For instance, if a person wants to find the best […]
Local SEO experts and businesses are enjoying the new updates in Google My Business (GMB). Knowing the latest features and attributes in GMB helps local SEO professionals and businesses get the most out of the tool and reach a wider audience online. Below are some of the recent changes to the GMB platform that are […]