Local SEO

Here's some news for all SEO experts, including those who deal with local SEO: Google Chrome is planning to hide parts of websites' URLs in the address bar, so that only the domain name displays in future browser updates. According to information found by Android Police, this update could roll out as soon as the […]
If local SEO companies and site admins aren't achieving rankings in the top 10 search results pages of Google for their target keywords, their website might be invisible on the search engine to potential customers and the like. Here, we look at several SEO best practices to help you improve your visibility. Based on HubSpot, […]
Most local SEO companies and site admins know the importance of a well-crafted meta description. This element is an HTML tag utilised to give an insight into a specific webpage. You can find it in the search engine results below the title and URL of a webpage. These descriptions should be kept between 140-160 characters […]
Google assures SEO companies UK and site admins that there would be no site ranking issues when they happen to rank for adult contents. In an Office Hours Hangout, John Mueller admitted that ranking for adult contents won’t ruin the chances of a website ranking for other queries. The publisher who asked the question said […]
If your local business has a website with complete details and a helpful blog, but you still don’t get many customers, then maybe you need to use better local SEO techniques. Local citations might be what you need to solve this problem. They are any online mentions of your business, which include your contact information, […]
More and more people are using their mobile devices in searching for information on the Internet. Google has confirmed that mobile searches have now overtaken desktop searches. With this, businesses should focus their SEO optimisation strategies towards local SEO. This is the time to take advantage of targeting the consumers within the locality as they […]
With the popularity of mobile device usage, Internet search is now focused on local SEO. This change has brought upon a new challenge for SEO experts and that’s to keep up and stand out in the search engine competition. Unfortunately, very few entrepreneurs recognise their need for local SEO. In fact, 80% of customers nowadays […]