Google Search Console

Many SEO experts and website owners are sure to benefit from the addition of the new Google Search Console messages feature. This feature lets users access a special panel where messages from Google can be viewed. The panel is easily accessible via the bell icon on the upper right corner of Google Search Console. According […]
Announced on October 31, the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin lets you easily set up and connect various Google Services in WordPress. These Google Services are Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, PageSpeed Insights, Optimize, and Tag Manager. With these services conveniently accessible, webmasters, web developers and SEO experts can now have an easier time monitoring their […]
SEO experts and webmasters should take note of the capabilities of the new Google Search Console now that John Mueller has confirmed that not all legacy features would be brought over from the old version. This topic was brought up when he was asked about submitting a robots.txt file in the new Search Console. Mueller […]
Google recently introduced three new reports in the Google Search Console namely, Unparsable structured data report, Sitelinks Searchbox enhancement report and Logo enhancement report. Now, this is something that webmasters, SEO experts, site owners and developers, should pay attention to when using GSC. The Unparsable structured data report sums up the syntax errors of structured […]
In a recent discussion on Reddit, John Mueller of Google addressed a couple of questions about the Google Search Console since it only shows a sample of links in link reports. According to Mueller, links that are not appearing in this tool can be considered as generally irrelevant. This means that SEO professionals and webmasters […]
It is now easier for SEO experts and website owners to track all data for an entire domain in Google Search Console now that the tool introduced domain properties. Before this update, each one of the properties would have to be verified. And even if you do all of the individual verifications, reading the data […]
For websites that have experienced significant drops in clicks, Google is now sending out a new type of notification from Google Search Console. Such alerts are intended to notify webmasters and SEO experts about the change on their websites in Google Search Console. Google will basically analyse and compare a website’s weekly clicks to query […]
According to a recent Twitter feed, company owners and SEO consultants may be looking forward to several new features coming to Google’s latest version of the Search Console. A few of these unannounced features were found in the JavaScript code of the new Google Search Console. AMP Articles. This particular feature is intended to provide […]
All SEO experts and webmasters need to know that Google Search Console will be consolidating all search data to the canonical URL for a single piece of content by the end of March. This will affect data from different properties, like desktop and mobile versions. At present, if a website has a number of properties, […]
In a recent announcement from Google, a series of updates will be coming to Google Search Console, while some of its features will be removed. Here are the changes that SEO experts and webmasters alike should make sure to be aware of: First of these updates is that crawl errors will be moved to the […]